by 13 Wolves

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released July 13, 2016



all rights reserved


13 Wolves San Diego, California

Behold from the halls of Valhalla spawned 13 Wolves,
Born to battle for the right to walk amongst man
Only four remained after the bloodbath that was.
A pact of blood and moon was formed on the memory of their slain brothers,
so their deaths not be in vain, the four would not rest until all mankind was punished.

With their chants and screams upon all mankind they shall bestow a glorious death...
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Track Name: Invasion
We come from across the seas
Bow your head and beg for mercy
We hail from the land of hate
With our fangs we seal your fate
Lo, I see my mother
Lo, I see my father
Our foes we shall vanquish
Take our place in Vahalla!
Track Name: My Hand
In Vahalla where the heroes lay
All you humans are gonna pay
You will drown in a pool of blood
Face your fears, nowhere to run
In Vahalla you will rot!
Hanging from a celtic knot!
My Hand, your life,it ends at the end of my sword!
Your life,it ends at the end of my sword!
Track Name: The Fear
We're in the walls, we're in your dreams
We're in everything and it ain't what it seems
We're in the knife, we're in your hand
We are the evil that you fail to comprehend!
We are the darkness creeping under you door
We are the thrill that makes you beg for more
We are the reflection, a glimpse in the mirror
We are what rules you, we are your fear!
We are the hate, we are the love
We are the reason that you look to God above
We are your fears ,we are your dreams
Learn to embrace us, and you'll do anything
Track Name: Hungry for your Flesh
I'm the moster in your dreams
Creature in the closet, gonna make you scream
I’m the raven outside your door,
Caw caw caw I hunger for more!
Pull you close and hold you down,
I’m the demon,the hellhound,
I watch you gasp for your last breath,
I Smash your face into a mess!
A burning ache from deep inside,
My bloody claws I cannot hide,
Evil shadows that bellow death,
I’m so hungy for your flesh!
Track Name: Baby Let's Spill Blood
My affliction is affecting you
Kill ‘em all before they turn blue
Let my infection run through your veins
Close your eyes and enjoy my pain!
Die, Die, Die!
Baby Let’s spill blood
Howl at the moon and you will see
Just what your life is supposed to be
Let your insticts lead you to your prey
Nothing remains, no need for a grave!
Track Name: Asphyxiation
Lungs constrict, can’t breath it in,
Catch your breath, death’s setting in
Let’s go! Asphyxiation
So weak! Asphyxiation
Can’t breath! Asphyxiation
Help me! Asphyxiation
Track Name: Fangs and Claws
Now we rip into your skin
The mortal world will never win
The human feast will now begin
Now you pay for your sins!
Track Name: Crucifixion
Fixed to a cross or you can choose
A bullet in the head or a short noose..
‘Cause we've got an obsession with crucifixion!
Sick of your lies, sick of your shit
Thinking of you living makes me sick.
Track Name: Moon Shadow
Moon shadow Creeps overhead
Hate burns and wakes the dead
Corpses push to the top
Werewolf fury never stops.
Moon Shadows in the night
Inferior mortals take to flight
Werewolves will rule the land
Will this be the end of man?
Track Name: Transformation
Not the person you think I am
Mostly monster & partly man
When the moon’s shining over me
Look inside and you will see!!
When the moon’s shining full and bright
Werewolves lurk its time to fight
Painful screams fill the air
Transformation now begins!
Track Name: We Eat the Living
Hunt them down late at night
Looking for prey looking to fight
Hunger burning deep inside
Let them run let them hide!
Full moon is rising
This is how the feast begins
Blood drips from my chin
We eat the living!
Fangs sink into flesh
Pleas for mercy never met
God may forgive your sins
But we eat the living!
Eat them warm eat them raw
Pounding heart is my call
Warm bodies, tasty snacks
Once you’re bit you can’t turn back!
Track Name: I'm Rabid
Don’t stand still in the dead of night
I’m a bad motherfucker you'll feel my bite
Rip your throat when the time is right
You’re my meal its time to fight
Werewolf fury in the night
Your extermination is in our sight
Mortal man has ruled so long,
Howl with us and sing our psalm!
Track Name: Eaters of the Dead
Bloody Fields,
Severed limbs and entrails
Lifeless corpse,
All the souls are taken...
Bones crack, severed heads
Cut them down and stack the dead
Blood rains from the sky,
All these warriors are gonna die..